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Is Our Mould Treatment Non-toxic?

Updated on
February 20, 2024

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Do Pure Maintenance Use Chemicals?

Perhaps you've noticed a patch of black mould growing as a result of a recent leak or condensation problem. Or maybe you have a wider spread mould problem or health symptoms that would indicate the presence of airborne mould and mycotoxins in the home. If you're exploring the services offered by mould removal and decontamination companies, you're likely curious as to the safety of the specialist mould treatment they use. Below we discuss the safety of our own mould remediation technology and specialist mould cleaning services.

If you're aware of the toxic properties and byproducts of household mould, then you're highly likely to want to identify a non-toxic treatment to resolve the problem. After all, why replace the toxic agents of the mould with toxic chemicals? At Pure Maintenance UK, we're proud of our non-toxic treatment process. As a heath-first mould decontamination and removal company, we're extremely conscientious with regard to the substances we use to eradicate the mould. We fog two non-toxic chemical compounds into the home as one part of a wider treatment plan: our sterilant, InstaPURE and our anti-microbial film, EverPURE.

Our 'dry fog' is the means by which we eradicate any household mould and render it inert, meaning it can be removed safely in addition to stopping it from coming back. It's important to note, however, the fogging is just a part of a wider treatment plan. All our technicians are Dew Point professionals. This means they understand how the delicate balance of humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, structural integrity, air pressure and ventilation combine to cause mould growth. When we remediate your mould problem, we tailor our approach to take into account all of the variables within your home:

InstaPURE: Our dry fog solution to eradicate mould

Our technology is patented and was created in the USA. We are the exclusive UK licensees of our parent company Pure Maintenance. This is important as the entire process was created to comply with strict US regulations. Both InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA registered (Environmental Protection Agency). InstaPURE is registered with the EPA as a sterilant and disinfectant which denatures mould, fungi and their spores.

InstaPURE breaks down into hydrogen, oxygen and trace amounts of acetic acid (white vinegar). At the point at which you re-enter your home, InstaPURE will have broken down into these two harmless byproducts.

More importantly, the patented fogger we use to administer InstaPURE forces the sterilant into such a small particle size that it is unable to condense. This is what gives the fog its characteristic 'dryness'. This means the fog doesn't condense on surfaces but rather dwells in the air. It's this property that facilitates InstaPURE's unique ability to eradicate airborne mould spores and reduce harmful mycotoxins. The fogger creates positive air pressure by filling the airspace with InstaPURE until the entire volume of the room is filled. This means the sterilant is forced to dwell against every surface and find every conceivable space in a room. This is how we achieve systematic and comprehensive coverage. Because it can't condense, once we open the windows upon concluding the first phase of treatment, the air pressure falls and the sterilant disperses. Harmless though it is, there'll be very little InstaPURE remaining in your home at the conclusion.

EverPURE: Our solution to stop mould from reappearing

EverPURE is our anti-microbial film. We apply it once all mould in the home has been eradicated and wiped away. It forms a covalent bond with all surfaces which prevents mould from coming back. The anti-microbial film is made up of positively charged nitrogen molecules with carbon atoms stacked on top. Microscopically, it looks like a bed of nails as the carbon atoms create a spike. Any new pathogens introduced to the property following our treatment are electrostatically attracted to the positive charge and the carbon spike pierces the outer membrane, denaturing the microbe.

As with InstaPURE, EverPURE is EPA-registered and is considered completely safe for humans and pets. As it forms a covalent bond with all it comes into contact with, it is also, necessarily FDA-approved as it may come into contact with food. It's been deemed safe by two US regulatory bodies. We would, however, recommend storing any food in cupboards or refrigerators as it can affect the taste of the food.

Furthermore, EverPURE is a mineral-based solution. This means it's a naturally occurring chemical compound. This is important as the way in which it 'kills' mould is mechanical. In other words, it doesn't change the organic property of a mould cell. It physically eradicates the mould. This means it won't change the organic properties of the cells in your body.

Is Fogging To Eradicate Household Mould Safe?

Following our treatment, your home will be a healthier place for you and your family to live. Your airspace will be free of mould spores and the toxic agents they produce like mycotoxins, mVOCs, glucans, hyphal fragments etc will be significantly reduced. Just read our customer testimonials to get a feel for people's experiences following a Pure Maintenance UK mould remediation treatment. Our comprehensive mould treatment plan is called PureHome for a reason. We protect the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes.

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