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We've curated our own customer testimonials, testimonials from customers of our parent company in the US (where the technology comes from), case studies, scientific studies and a whitepaper by the inventor of the technology, outlining how it works.

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Customer Testimonials


We are relatively new to the UK mould remediation market though our technology is not. We have exclusive UK distribution rights to the innovative, patented dry fog technology owned by our parent company, Pure Maintenance. Their revolutionary technology has been and continues to be, immensely successful in the US. Take a look at some US customer testimonials courtesy of our US counterparts or click the logos above to see the testimonials of our happy customers here in the UK. The technology is exactly the same as used by us here in the UK.


Case Studies


Our patented technology is from the US. There are a number of Pure Maintenance companies across the US and our technology has drawn interest from NASA, the Capital in Washington DC, the Army Corps of Engineers, and many state and local municipalities. Pure Maintenance's ability to eradicate and remove mould and prevent it from coming back is unrivalled. Attached is a link to a study carried out with the US Army Corps of Engineers, demonstrating the efficacy of our dry fog system when used to remediate mould.

Don't just take our word for it...


Our patented dry fog technology eradicates the mould and our technicians use professional-grade products to remove it, restoring the health of your home.


Once we've rendered the mould inert with our sterilant InstaPURE, our technicians can restore a whole host of surfaces to their original condition.


As well as removing the visible mould, our pre and post treatment air tests (returned to you in the form of a dashboard) evidence the success of our remediation.


The Science

Overview of the Pure Maintenance process

Download the White Paper

US Army Corps of Engineers: Case Study

Download the Study