our philosophy

pure maintenance uK

A photograph of one of our vans outside of a customer's house, with our hoses running into the property to supply the fog heads.

Pure Maintenance UK is a health-first mould remediation company. We brought the Pure Maintenance brand to the UK from the US because we saw the amazing things the patented technology is doing to protect people's health and eradicate mould from their homes for good. Our guiding motivations are:

better health

Our patented technology eradicates mould and stops it coming back. We've seen genuine transformations in our customers health following treatment.

safeguarding family

Our mould treatment decontaminates your home and creates an inhospitable environment for mould, making it a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

protecting homes

Mould not only damages your health, but damages properties. It's roots can penetrate into building materials and it can stain surfaces requiring redecoration.

improving awareness

It's our mission to help people understand the risk mould poses to their health and what options are available to them, whatever their budget or requirements.