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Our industry-leading, patented dry fog technology eradicates all mould and stops it coming back. The only mould remediation you'll need.

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A couple breathing in the clean air in their home following Pure Maintenance's moud remediation and treatment.
A satisfied customer expressing their happiness with the health benefits subsequent to mould remediation treatment.
A happy family, expressing their satisfaction with the mould removal and prevention treatment they received.

Pure Maintenance

Our innovative, patented dry fog technology removes all surface mould, airborne mould spores and mycotoxins and hidden mould (behind cavity walls, under floorboards, in soft furnishings). We create an anti-microbial film on all surfaces which prevents the mould from coming back. We remediate homes and businesses of all sizes. Our technology also destroys viruses, bacteria and pathogens in general. 

We protect the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes or workplaces.

Reasons to choose Pure Maintenance:
City & Guilds Accredited Programme. Pure Maintenance are Dewpoint Professionals
Badge indicating that Pure Maintenance's specialist mould treatment eradicates 99% of mould
A badge stating Pure Maintenance UK's dry fog technology is patented
A Health and Safety Executive Badge for Pure Maintenance - COSHH certified
A badge showcasing the 1 year guarantee that comes with Pure Maintenance UK's mould remediation services
A badge expressing the non-toxic nature of the chemicals used in Pure Maintenance UK's mould remediation
Getting rid of mould? Methodology pros & cons
A room filling with dry fog eradicating the surface, airborne and hidden mould and then applying an anti-microbial film to all surfaces.

How does dry fog work?

Our patented fogging technology condenses our sterilants to create a dry-fog, which is the only fog mould remediation technology which can simultaneously eradicate surface, airborne and hidden mould.

Surface mould: Our fogger creates positive air pressure meaning our sterilant is forced to dwell on every conceivable surface.

Airborne mould: As the fog is 'dry', it can't condense, meaning it dwells in the air eradicating all spores and harmful mycotoxins.

Hidden mould: The fog is forced under floorboards, behind cavity walls and into soft furnishings.

Future mould prevention: Using the same technology, we lay our anti-microbial film on all surfaces which prevents future mould growth.

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