how safe is the air in your home?

There are a variety of different methods you can use to test for mould in your home that range in pricing and sampling time. When deciding on what testing to pursue, remember your objective and the data you are interested in.

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Amazing service!

"We had an incredible service provided by Pure Maintenance. Started with Sam doing an amazing job in explaining the service and helping me book and it was followed by... the amazing Jared, that came to do the whole thing and was super clear, friendly and caring. Highly recommended!"


PureHome Treatment

Amazing service!

"This is a company that actually cares about their customers and the work. Pure Maintenance provided an amazing service for air testing and the communication is...

...second to none. Tim was unbelievably helpful, taking the time to listen carefully to the issues we're facing and sharing lots of useful information and support. We will book again for some follow up work. I cannot recommend them highly enough."


PureHome Treatment

Thank you very much

"Phil from Pure Maintenance was so helpful today on our home visit to fix our mould problem which had spread around the whole of our apartment and was worse near...

...the windows and bathrooms. He was very friendly, approachable and made me and my wife feel very at ease with the whole process from start to finish. He swept through the whole flat killing of all of the mould with the fog and cleaned off the worst areas for us. We instantly felt the difference when we came back home later in the day. The process was very clear, precise and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Pure Maintenance again, although the job was that well done and the specific advice to keep on top of the humidity in our home was very helpful I don’t think we’ll have any problems now with the help of Phil and Pure Maintenance, thank you very much."


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It seemed to good to be true...

"It seemed too good to be true but after many conversations with Sam in head office I was convinced and booked them in for the following week. They fogged, cleaned and...

...sprayed, it was very efficient and we were only out of the house for 5-6 hours. There was a very slight lingering smell of vinegar but that was gone by the morning. As we had hardly any more visible mould left in the house it was hard to tell if the treatment had been successful but I am now writing this review 2 months later and we've had no more mould regrowth and the house genuinely feels fresher and cleaner."

Bishop's Waltham

PureHome Treatment

Amazing service!

James came to do the removal of moulds in my house. I showed him all the rooms and where I am having issues. He explained the process and I left him to get...

...on with it. James also messaged me when he needed further information and keeping me updated. By 2.30pm he was done. James was really polite and helpful and answered any questions I’ve had. I would recommend the company.


PureHome Treatment

My home is so much better

"James came today to treat my home and get rid of mould that has appeared. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything really clearly. He told me...

...what I can do to improve things, I found this really reassuring. James was very thorough and my home is so much better already. It's good to know its now more healthy! I highly recommend Pure Maintenance money very well spent. Thank you."


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Mould Removal

"We have had mould in our property for many years, to the extent, it was causing health issues. Sam and Martin carried out mould removal and the difference is phenomenal...

...The air is cleaner and we can feel the difference. Both Sam and Martin were extremely professional and cleaned the house before leaving. I would definitely recommend Pure Maintenance and I would call them again if needed. Thank you for the great service. Much appreciated.


PureHome Treatment

Amazing customer service

"Would definitely recommend this company if you have any water damage or mould issues in your home. They were excellent in answering questions I had and giving me...

...time to discuss the problems or any concerns i had. Dane and Martin who carried out the work were incredibly thorough and helpful. Especially like that they use non-toxic products and have amazing customer service."


PureHome Treatment

Exceptional advice and service

"From the first contact I had with Pure Maintenance I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise in this subject. They explained in great detail the treatment...

...process and what this would involve. All work was carried professionally and on time by the technicians, Sam and Martin, great guys and nothing was a bother to them. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Pure Maintenance for an excellent reliable and very efficient job."


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First class

"The service provided by Pure Maintenance was first class - great guys, highly informative, professional - and a non toxic and effective treatment. Having lived with mycotoxin...

...illness from black mould for some time, I now feel assured my home is safe - this is evidenced by the pre and post treatment test results I received. As Sam himself also suffered from the illness, he is genuinely motivated to help others resolve mould issues and ensure they don’t return, with he and Josh providing lots of good advice and after treatment support. It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with them both in my home."


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data-driven testing

take the guesswork out of it

Our mould tests provide the data to understand the following:

  • If mould is present
  • The severity of the mould problem (spore count per m3)
  • The mould strains present
  • The context and points of comparison to understand the results above

The results of your air tests are fed into a personalised dashboard designed to help you understand the data through intuitive visuals. Our air tests provide fact-based insight into the health of the home, the cleanliness of its airspaces and if any mould remediation is required.

Mould Test Options:

viable test

  • Mould spores are captured in a mould trap
  • Captured spores are then cultured on a growth medium (i.e Petri dish)
  • Any living (viable) spores reproduce and grow
  • Mould species are identified and recorded
  • The report will identify the spore genus of living, colony-forming mould spores captured in your air sample
  • The report will identify the concentration of living, colony-forming mould spores captured in your air sample
  • Because they're allowed to grow, the lab can narrow down what species of mould the captured spores are (Aspergillus Fumigatus vs. Aspergillus Niger)
  • More expensive than a non-viable air test
  • Not all spores captured will grow under lab conditions
  • Not all spores captured will grow within the limited timeframe
  • Not all spores captured will grow on a petri dish

non-viable test

  • Mould spores are captured in a mould trap
  • Captured spores, alive (viable) or dead (non-viable) are analysed
  • The genus of the captured mould spores are identified and recorded
  • The spore count per cubic metre is calculated, giving an indication as to the scale of the mould problem


  • Relatively inexpensive method of identifying whether mould is present
  • Can use both alive (viable) and dead (non-viable) mould spores as data points
  • Tells you what you need to know; whether you have mould or not and how bad it is
  • Affordability allows you to allocate your budget toward actually tackling the problem
  • Not as much detail provided as an ERMI test
  • Does not map species, just genus

ERMI test

  • Dust sample from carpet is collected
  • Sample analysed using DNA-based method called MSQPCR
  • All mould DNA, viable and non-viable, is identified and recorded
  • Ratio of water-damage mould species and common indoor mould species is calculated to provide an indication of unhealthy mould conditions


  • Extremely detailed
  • Can use both alive (viable) and dead (non-viable) mould spores as data points
  • Provides an indication of how harmful the detected mould genus are
  • Highly specialised and accurate DNA profiling
  • Does not indicate if the mould found is a current problem or problem in the past
  • Comparably very expensive
  • Eats into budget that could have been used to actually remediate the problem
  • Index used to calculate the risk score is based on US data
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