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Traditional mould remediation treats the home the way traditional medicine treats a person. No traditional remediator will treat the entire home as 'sick' - they will just manage the visible symptoms. We take a holistic approach to mould treatment. We eradicate visible mould, invisible airborne mould and hidden mould - throughout the entire home, not just where it's observable - including a whole-home preventative layer. We combine this with a tailored report, with recommendations - both structural and behavioural - to complement our treatment and ensure the longevity of its effects.

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"Supporting you in reaching your health and life goals."

Alex offers a blended approach of nutritional medicine, functional medicine, lab screening, movement analysis, personal coaching, psychedelic healing and breathwork. Alex is one of the UK’s leading Functional Medicine practitioners specialising in SIBO and gut related disorders as well as mould illness and mycotoxins, my interests further extend into physical therapy, movement, resiliency, life coaching, nutritional therapy, and biohacking.
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Our expert consultants will guide you through mould treatment best practice, factoring in your health concerns and the conditions in your home. They can talk you through our services, prices and timeframes if you wished to proceed with mould remediation.

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patented dry fog mould remediation

Our approach to mould remediation is unique. We approach the decontamination and removal of mould in a home or building in the context of modern medicine and scientific discovery, not as an aesthetic nuisance. Benefits include:

Developed using a hospital-grade sterilant, the various components of our mould decontamination process are non-toxic and family-friendly.

holistic treatment

Mould contamination is incredibly complex. We combine our patented treatment with expert advice on structural and behavioural issues.

Prevention & Cure

Our mould treatment process does just not eradicate mould. Once the mould has been destroyed, we apply an antimicrobial film to all surfaces.

data-driven, Data-backed

We don't just claim our process works. We take air samples before and after the work to be analysed by a third-party accredited laboratory.

True Innovation

Our proprietary technology was invented to comprehensively eradicate mould on surfaces, in the air and embedded in furnishings.

Unlike Anything Else

Pure Maintenance mould treatment technology is patented and offers a non-toxic, comprehensive way to eradicate mould.


One groundbreaking feature of our patented 'dry fog' technology is our ability to ensure it reaches every conceivable space in a building.

Global success

What started as a family business 20 years ago has grown to become a global network spanning 170 locations and 4 nations. The technology works.

process: step 01

InstaPURE: Immediate eradication

InstaPURE is the sterilant component of our treatment. It's the stage of treatment which actually destroys surface and airborne mould as outlined below.

A vectorised graphic of a hose, representing the hoses we run to our fog heads to administer our dry fog sterilant.

non-toxic sterilant

We fill the property with our patented dry fog which contains our sterilant, InstaPURE. It's completely non-toxic and breaks down shortly after treatment. It eradicates mould by chemically eroding the cell wall (lysis) and denaturing the protein within, rendering it into inert nothingness.

A vectorised graphic of a generic molecule, representing our sterilant at the molecular level.

100% Coverage

Our fogger condenses the molecule size of the sterilant giving it its characteristic 'dryness'. This means it can't condense, but dwells in the air, dealing with the abundance of airborne mould. We create positive air pressure until the fog reaches every conceivable space in the property.

An image of our treatment in action. A fog head in a customer's living room administering our dry fog sterilant to remediate the property of mould.
A photograph of one of our technicians applying our antimicrobial film to all surfaces to prevent any mould from returning.
process: step 02

EverPURE: Ongoing Protection

EverPURE is our chemical which covalently bonds to all your surface to prevent mould from coming back. Again, it's non-toxic and family safe. It destroys any new mould spores as outlined below:

A vectorised graphic representation of a covalent bond at the molecular level.

covalent bond

Our antimicrobial film, EverPURE, is then applied to all surfaces forming a covalent bond. This means it becomes one with the surface. It's both imperceptible and completely safe.

A vectorised graphic of upward-facing nails, representing the microscopic carbon spikes that constitute our antimicrobial film.

attracts & Kills

EverPURE electrostatically attracts mould spores to it, eradicating them on contact. The mould spores are punctured by carbon spikes which form a microscopic bed of nails.