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Pure Maintenance UK are mould removal, prevention & testing specialists. Our innovative, patented technology eradicates all mould and stops it coming back. Guaranteed. Our rapid response team will resolve your mould problem, no matter the scale.

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Amazing service!

"We had an incredible service provided by Pure Maintenance. Started with Sam doing an amazing job in explaining the service and helping me book and it was followed by... the amazing Jared, that came to do the whole thing and was super clear, friendly and caring. Highly recommended!"


PureHome Treatment

Amazing service!

"This is a company that actually cares about their customers and the work. Pure Maintenance provided an amazing service for air testing and the communication is...

...second to none. Tim was unbelievably helpful, taking the time to listen carefully to the issues we're facing and sharing lots of useful information and support. We will book again for some follow up work. I cannot recommend them highly enough."


PureHome Treatment

Thank you very much

"Phil from Pure Maintenance was so helpful today on our home visit to fix our mould problem which had spread around the whole of our apartment and was worse near...

...the windows and bathrooms. He was very friendly, approachable and made me and my wife feel very at ease with the whole process from start to finish. He swept through the whole flat killing of all of the mould with the fog and cleaned off the worst areas for us. We instantly felt the difference when we came back home later in the day. The process was very clear, precise and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Pure Maintenance again, although the job was that well done and the specific advice to keep on top of the humidity in our home was very helpful I don’t think we’ll have any problems now with the help of Phil and Pure Maintenance, thank you very much."


PureHome Treatment

It seemed to good to be true...

"It seemed too good to be true but after many conversations with Sam in head office I was convinced and booked them in for the following week. They fogged, cleaned and...

...sprayed, it was very efficient and we were only out of the house for 5-6 hours. There was a very slight lingering smell of vinegar but that was gone by the morning. As we had hardly any more visible mould left in the house it was hard to tell if the treatment had been successful but I am now writing this review 2 months later and we've had no more mould regrowth and the house genuinely feels fresher and cleaner."

Bishop's Waltham

PureHome Treatment

Amazing service!

James came to do the removal of moulds in my house. I showed him all the rooms and where I am having issues. He explained the process and I left him to get...

...on with it. James also messaged me when he needed further information and keeping me updated. By 2.30pm he was done. James was really polite and helpful and answered any questions I’ve had. I would recommend the company.


PureHome Treatment

My home is so much better

"James came today to treat my home and get rid of mould that has appeared. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything really clearly. He told me...

...what I can do to improve things, I found this really reassuring. James was very thorough and my home is so much better already. It's good to know its now more healthy! I highly recommend Pure Maintenance money very well spent. Thank you."


PureHome Treatment

Mould Removal

"We have had mould in our property for many years, to the extent, it was causing health issues. Sam and Martin carried out mould removal and the difference is phenomenal...

...The air is cleaner and we can feel the difference. Both Sam and Martin were extremely professional and cleaned the house before leaving. I would definitely recommend Pure Maintenance and I would call them again if needed. Thank you for the great service. Much appreciated.


PureHome Treatment

Amazing customer service

"Would definitely recommend this company if you have any water damage or mould issues in your home. They were excellent in answering questions I had and giving me...

...time to discuss the problems or any concerns i had. Dane and Martin who carried out the work were incredibly thorough and helpful. Especially like that they use non-toxic products and have amazing customer service."


PureHome Treatment

Exceptional advice and service

"From the first contact I had with Pure Maintenance I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise in this subject. They explained in great detail the treatment...

...process and what this would involve. All work was carried professionally and on time by the technicians, Sam and Martin, great guys and nothing was a bother to them. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Pure Maintenance for an excellent reliable and very efficient job."


PureHome Treatment

First class

"The service provided by Pure Maintenance was first class - great guys, highly informative, professional - and a non toxic and effective treatment. Having lived with mycotoxin...

...illness from black mould for some time, I now feel assured my home is safe - this is evidenced by the pre and post treatment test results I received. As Sam himself also suffered from the illness, he is genuinely motivated to help others resolve mould issues and ensure they don’t return, with he and Josh providing lots of good advice and after treatment support. It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with them both in my home."


PureHome Treatment

The 'what'

comprehensive mould treatment

We'll help build you a treatment plan unique to your home, budget and circumstances. Our Dewpoint accredited technicians will identify the root cause and resolve your mould and mycotoxin problem - making your home healthy again.

we find it

We eradicate it

we stop it coming back

the 'how'

dry fog technology

Our dry fog technology is patented and we hold exclusivity for its use in the UK. But how does it work?

INStapure: immediate eradication


non-toxic Sterilant

We fill the property with our patented dry fog which contains our sterilant, InstaPURE. It's completely non-toxic and breaks down shortly after treatment. It eradicates mould by chemically eroding the cell wall (a process called lysis) and denaturing the protein within, rendering it into inert nothingness.

100% coverage

Our fogger condenses the molecule size of the sterilant giving it its characteristic 'dryness'. This means it can't condense, but dwells in the air, dealing with the abundance of airborne mould. We create positive air pressure until the fog reaches every conceivable space in the property.

everpure: ongoing protection


covalent bond

Our antimicrobial film, EverPURE, is then applied to all surfaces forming a covalent bond. This means it becomes one with the surface. It's both imperceptible and completely safe.

attracts & kills

Thanks to a positive charge, it electrostatically attracts mould spores to it, eradicating them on contact. The mould spores are punctured by carbon spikes which form a microscopic bed of nails.
The 'why'

professional mould remediation

Protect your health

There can be all sorts of health implications when you live in a mouldy property.

Protect your property

Underlying issues can become bigger problems if they're left untreated. Our surveys are thorough & concise.

Clean environment

Breathing clean air in the place that you and your family spend the most time is our top priority.

Identify hidden issues

Mould can be hiding in all sorts of non-visible areas, particularly when mould is visible in other areas.

health & Home

Reclaim Your Health

There can be all sorts of health implications when you live in a mouldy property. Common symptoms are often comprised of allergenic responses such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes, exacerbation of asthma, brain fog, tiredness and depression.

There is evidence that some mycotoxins (the toxins produced by mould) are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), mutagenic (genetic damaging), immuno-suppressant (compromises immune system), reprotoxic (fertility-affecting), and neurotoxic (brain-damaging).

We protect the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes. Through the use of our specialist mould treatment, we find and eradicate surface and airborne mould and prevent it from returning.

stop mould damage

Mould is a living organism, which literally takes root in the porous surfaces (brick, wood, plaster) throughout your property. The more it grows, the more the mould’s roots will damage the structure of your home and the more tannin stains they will leave behind, which can take extensive redecoration to rectify. It is, therefore, important to select a treatment which not only destroys all mould and stops it coming back but eradicates all the unseen airborne mould spores and roots deep within surfaces.

Through the creation of positive air pressure, we force our sterilant into every conceivable space within a property. Our sterilant, through the process of lysis, destroys the mould down to its roots. Unlike wiping the surface of the mould with a cloth and cleaning product, our expert mould removal services ensure the mould doesn't come back - or we come back for free to retreat.

your home is safe

As part of our mould remediation process, we apply an anti-microbial film, EverPURE, which coats every square inch in the property, creating a covalent bond with the surfaces. The anti-microbial film is made up of positively charged nitrogen molecules with carbon atoms stacked on top. Microscopically, it looks like a bed of nails - the carbon atoms the spikes.

Any new pathogens introduced to the property following our treatment are electrostatically attracted to the positive charge and the carbon spike pierces the outer membrane, denaturing the microbe. Essentially, we've created an environment totally inhospitable to mould (and other pathogens and micro-organisms). This coupled with the tailored aspect of our treatment plans, are what makes us so sure the mould won't return.
proof of work

independently verified results

We'll test your air both before and after our service and have the samples analysed by an accredited laboratory to demonstrate the efficacy of our treatment.

patented technology

We have UK exclusivity for innovative dry fog technology

home health restored

We'll eradicate 99% of mould in your home

completely non-toxic

We don't use toxic chemicals. Our treatment is family friendly.

99% of mould eradicated

We'll prove this through air tests pre- and post-treatment

12-month guarantee

If the mould comes back then so will we - for free

dewpoint professionals

All our technicians are Dewpoint accredited

HSE Compliant

We're COSHH certified and HSE compliant

bespoke treatment plans

Every service is tailored to the circumstances of the home

bespoke remediation

a tailored treatment plan

There is no silver bullet solution for a mould problem. Every house is different and every mould problem is the product of a unique combination of circumstances. All technicians at Pure Maintenance UK are Dewpoint Professionals. This means they understand how the delicate balance of humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, structural integrity, air pressure and ventilation combine to cause mould growth. When we remediate your mould problem, we tailor our approach to take into account all of the variables within your home.​

Get rid of your mould problem once and for all. We'll eradicate all surface and airborne mould, safely remove it and our anti-microbial film will stop it from coming back. Guaranteed.


What's dry fog and why do we use it?

Our dry fog system is the only technology in the UK which can achieve 100% coverage within your home. This means it eradicates mould on surfaces, in the air, on furniture and even behind cavity walls. Our microbial film coats all surfaces, preventing it from coming back. Guaranteed.

Most current mould remediation companies employ the use of wet foggers (ULV fogging). This administers the sterilant in a droplet sizes which causes it to condense on surfaces, meaning airborne mould spores and dangerous mycotoxins are left largely unaffected. Our patented dry fog technology condenses our sterilant to a previously unachieved molecular size. This means three things: First, it is unable to condense on surfaces and dwells in the air; eradicating the abundance of mould spores and harmful mycotoxins traditional methods can’t deal with. Second, our dry fog machine creates positive air pressure, meaning the dry fog is forced to fill the entire volume of a room or house, forcing the sterilant to dwell on every surface and object. Third, it can reach every conceivable space within your home including behind cavity walls, meaning we are able to comprehensively eradicate every last trace of mould.

What causes mould?

Unless you've had a leak or suffered flood damage, the'res a good chance the mould in your home is a result of dampness and humidity caused by basic daily tasks like showering, cooking and drying clothes combined with poor ventilation. These human activites cause water vapour and condensation, which when combined with poor ventilation, generates sufficient moisture in the home for mould to grow.

80-85% of household mould is caused by condensation, which is man-made damp. Condensation causes mould to grow and once mould is visible in your home, it needs to be removed as it can be both harmful to health and destructive to property.Mould is caused by dampness and humidity. However, there is one type of damp which is the main culprit when it comes to household mould. 80-85% of mould problems are attributed to condensation, or in other words, man-made dampness. Only 15-20% of mould problems arise from the other two categories of damp; penetrating damp and rising damp. Condensation occurs when hot air comes into contact with cold air. There are many things we do in a daily basis which causes this. Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and droplets of water are formed. It also occurs in places the air is still, like the corners of rooms, behind furniture or inside wardrobes. This moist environment is a furtile breeding ground for mould.

Can I clean mould away myself?

Typically, if you wipe mould down, it will aggressively spore into your airspace as a defence mechanism. Wiping mould down, even with bleach, will actually make the problem worse by increasing the volume of mould spores in your airspace.

Mould is a living organism. When it is wiped down with a cloth and a household cleaner, it simply aggravates the mould colony. As a defence mechanism, it aggressively sends spores into your airspace. This has the unfortunate effect of worsening your mould problem as the mould spores will land on other surfaces and get into soft furnishings and clothes. In addition, it increases the level of harmful mycotoxins in your airspace. A common misconception is that bleach removes mould. However, bleaching mould simply depigments it, creating the impression that it's gone when, in fact, it is alive and aggressively sporulating into the airspace.

Is mould dangerous?

Mould is a category 1 risk to health, the same category as Asbestos, according to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). It is known to cause a wide range of health problems including respiratory problems, the exasperation of autoimmune diseases, a weakened immune system and brain fog or insomnia.

The health risks associated with household mould are arguably understated and misunderstood by the general public in the UK. According to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), Mould is a category 1 risk to health. This is the same category as Asbestos. The risk to health is typically contingent upon the time you’ve been exposed, the mould strains present and the density of airborne spores and mycotoxins.

Is dry fog safe?

The chemicals used in our two-stage dry fog treatment are EPA-registered and are completely non-toxic. For more information, read our blog article. Our treatment is completely family and pet friendly.

Will dry fog reach all of the mould?

Our patented technology creates a 7.5 micron sized particle. A mould spore is between 12 and 30 microns. Thus, any place where a mould spore can get in or out of, the fog will penetrate those areas. In special situations where there is a known issue behind a wall, we can poke a few 1/8 inch holes between the studs and treat the back of the wall directly.

How long is the mould treatment effective for?

We offer a 1 year guarantee against the reappearance of visible mould. If it comes back within 12 months, so do we. However, if all moisture and water issues are resolved, this is a very permanent solution. With minor water issues like humidity or condensation on windows, we have tested it out over 6 years without mould growth because of the EverPURE antimicrobial protectant. With major water issues (active leaks and ingress) you will only get about 90 days of protection.

How will I know if it's worked?

Your technician will take three air samples upon completing the treatment; a pre-treatment sample, a post-treatment sample and an outdoor air test as a control. The air samples are then sent to an independent third-party lab. We use an accredited mould laboratory that has no affiliation with any mould testing or mould remediation companies. Once your results are in, we relay them to you in the form of an easy to understand dashboard.

Does your treatment clean the air in my home?

Our patented dry fogger condenses our sterilant to a smaller molecular size than is possible with traditional fogging technology. This means our sterilant is unable to condense on surfaces and dwells in the air. This allows it to eradicate the abundance of mould spores and significantly reduce the harmful mycotoxins traditional fogging methods (like ULV) can’t deal with. We systematically and comprehensively eradicate surface, embedded (in textiles and porous materials) and airborne mould.

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Protecting the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes.