Professional Mould Removal & Decontamination

Mould & Moisture Report


Our PureHome mould treatment plan is tailored to the specific circumstances of your home, to ensure we are able to comprehensively eradicate the mould. This begins with our technician conducting and compiling a mould and condensation report. Individually priced at £300, we carry this out as standard as part of our PureHome mould remediation treatment plan. The purpose of this report is to ascertain the extent and scale of the mould problem, the probable cause(s) of the mould and an investigation of the moisture causing the mould to grow. the technician will look out for active water leaks, pooled water or ingress. If they find anything that would affect the efficacy of our treatment or invalidate the 1-year warranty, they will inform you before any remedial work is carried out and additional cost is incurred.


We will also prescribe a list of actionable changes to reduce any condensation, categorised into either structural or behavioural recommendations. The report is built on data collected through a visual inspection, thermal imaging to detect potential leaks or standing water, a reading of structural moisture levels and air tests to ascertain the presence, variety and quantity of household mould spores.

We can reduce household humidity and dry damp surfaces

If necessary, we can reduce household humidity, using commercial-grade dehumidifiers, to create an optimal environment for the application and efficacy of our mould treatment. All our technicians are Dewpoint professionals. This is a City & Guilds accreditation which means they understand how the delicate balance of humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, structural integrity, air pressure and ventilation combine to cause mould growth.

We sterilise your surfaces, air and belongings

InstaPURE is our sterilant. One of the innovative aspects of our treatment is the dry fog in which our sterilant is administered. Our patented dry fogger condenses our sterilant to a smaller molecular size than is possible with traditional fogging technology (ULV). This means three things: First, it's unable to condense on surfaces and dwells in the air; eradicating the abundance of mould spores and harmful mycotoxins traditional methods can’t deal with. Second, our dry fog m1achine creates positive air pressure, meaning the dry fog is forced to fill the entire volume of a room or house, forcing the sterilant to dwell on every surface and object. Third, it can reach every conceivable space within your home including behind cavity walls, meaning we are able to comprehensively eradicate every last trace of mould.


Most mould remediation companies cannot purify your air. Our technology allows us to eradicate mould spores in the air within your home, whilst significantly reducing the presence of mycotoxins.



Our technicians will use professional-grade cleaning products to remove the mould on your walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Most mould strains, particularly back mould (Stachybotrys Ch.), leave tannin stains on your surfaces. The roots of the mould embed themselves in building materials. The combination of both can result in unsightly staining on the interior of your home. Our technicians can remove the vast majority of mould-related stains. They will also be equipped with ventilation masks to ensure they don't breathe in harmful mould spores, fragments, mycotoxins and other toxic chemicals secreted by the mould. Don't risk your own health by breathing in the toxic air created by aggravated mould.

We stop the mould from coming back


EverPURE is our anti-microbial film. We apply it once all mould in the home has been eradicated and wiped away. It forms a covalent bond with all surfaces which prevents mould from coming back. The anti-microbial film is made up of positively charged nitrogen molecules with carbon atoms stacked on top. Microscopically, it looks like a bed of nails as the carbon atoms create a spike. Any new pathogens introduced to the property following our treatment are electrostatically attracted to the positive charge and the carbon spike pierces the outer membrane, denaturing the microbe.


As with InstaPURE, EverPURE is EPA-registered and is considered completely safe for humans and pets. As it forms a covalent bond with all it comes into contact with, it is also, necessarily FDA-approved as it may come into contact with food. It's been deemed safe by two US regulatory bodies. We would, however, recommend storing any food in cupboards or refrigerators as it can affect the taste of the food.

We give you evidence of the efficacy of our treatment 


We carry out air tests before and after our PureHome mould treatment plan. This demonstrates the tangible difference our service has made to the health of your home. We also take a third sample of outdoor air, so you have a relevant baseline, given that mould spores are present in outdoor air to varying degrees depending on location.


Our mould tests provide the data to understand, if mould is present, the severity of the mould problem (spore count per m3), the mould strains present and the context and points of comparison to understand the results. The results of your air tests are fed into a personalised dashboard designed to help you understand the data through intuitive visuals. Our air tests provide fact-based insight into the health of the home, the cleanliness of its airspaces and if any mould remediation is required.