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Our innovative, patented technology eradicates all mould and stops it coming back. Guaranteed. Our rapid response team will resolve your mould problem, no matter the scale.

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A scientist examining mould spores under a microscope as part of a mould test.
Want to get your air tested?

If there's a musty smell but you can't actually see any mould, why not get an air test? Our range of tests help you understand the concentration of mould and the mould strains present in the home.

Kitchen filled with dry fog to eradicate, remove and disinfect Mould.
Don't just take our word for it

It's easy to claim your service is an 'all-in-one' solution for mould without evidence. We don't. Have a look at our customer testimonials, before and after pictures, case studies, white papers and more.

Why Pure Maintenance?

A bedroom filling up with non-toxic, family safe,dry fog to treat, remove and decontaminate mould.
A tailored treatment plan

There is no silver bullet solution for a mould problem. Every house is different and every mould problem is the product of a unique combination of circumstances. All technicians at Pure Maintenance UK are Dewpoint Professionals. This means they understand how the delicate balance of humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, structural integrity, air pressure and ventilation combine to cause mould growth. When we remediate your mould problem, we tailor our approach to take into account all of the variables within your home.

Get rid of your mould problem once and for all. We'll eradicate all surface and airborne mould, safely remove it and our anti-microbial film will stop it from coming back. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track your progress on a job?

During our weekly Operations Meetings, we analyze every project and measure our progress according to the master schedule of all other projects to see where we stand. We look at our positive or negative float, and if we’re behind schedule, we identify what we need to do to get back on track.

How do you know if team members in the field are on target?

We utilize software that allows every Foreman to enter his time for his team, equipment, and other resources, and quickly see whether or not he is on budget. Every activity on a job is very detailed and production plans help us see how each team is going to do the next day so they can execute the work to meet the plan. Every single team member knows if they’re in the black or red for the budget for the particular activity they’re working on that day, so they can identify ways to ramp up their productivity if needed.

How do you train your team?

We start training our team the very first day they report to work through a full-day orientation that starts with the history and culture of the company, and spends the bulk of the day training on safety. Additionally, we have “Micro Mondays” every week where everyone in the entire company receives a 10-15 minute video lesson that relates to any facet of our business. We also offer management training to new managers, specific trainings in safety such as First Aid and CPR, and lunch-n-learns that teach about pump specifications, geo-technical testing and reports, software, and any topic that is going to help our team get better and grow.

How do you communicate with your team so everyone’s on the same page?

We engage in a variety of on-going communication activities including a weekly email that goes out to the entire company and shares highlights, opportunities, the things we’ve accomplished, and brief summaries on each project. The President, Ryan Schmitt, also sends a monthly video with highlights and shout-outs. To help with communication across the company, we are using Microsoft Teams and are working on an internal app. Additionally, we present our quarterly business plans, have ACT breakfasts every other Friday for the entire company, and hold an annual anniversary party where we review our accomplishments, recognize people for doing outstanding work, and talk about the goals for the upcoming year.

How do you make sure the entire company is incentivized to perform well?

We are very focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We track and measure KPIs for safety, production, and quality control, just to name a few. These are measured weekly and when we perform well, we have incentives that are project-based. Our “Win the Day” and “Win the Project” programs offer incentives for labor hours saved and being ahead of budget, respectively. And, our “Win the Year” program is company-wide so that if we hit a certain milestone of profitability, there’s a portion of every dollar that goes in the incentive pool which is shared across the entire company. All of these are based on very strict metrics of success, and we love it when our people WIN!

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