Terms & Conditions

Warranty Limitations

In no event shall Pure Maintenance UK, LTD be liable for consequential damages from future mould contamination. Other limitations apply as outlined in the Pure Maintenance UK, LTD terms and conditions in effect on the original treatment date.

Warranty Coverage

Pure Maintenance UK, LTD guarantees the Covered Service in accordance with the Pure Maintenance UK, LTD terms and conditions in effect on the original treatment date for 12 months from the date of treatment. This warranty extends to the original buyer and each successive buyer within the warranty period, and covers only the Buyer Address listed above. This warranty guarantees against the recurrence of visible mould growth or air recontaminated by mould (defined as a fungal ecology significantly in advance of outdoor air as proven by lab testing from accredited IAQ labs, or re-introduction of marker moulds).

This warranty is extended by virtue of the application of our anti-microbial barrier (EverPURE), the covalent bond it forms with surfaces and the ongoing microbial protection it affords. If this barrier is modified in a material way (sanded, painted over) without a re-application of EverPURE, then the warranty is void. In the event of a redecoration or change to surfaces, the Buyer can call and schedule a re-application of EverPURE to surfaces after redecoration to continue the warranty in place at the Buyer’s cost.

Within the period of this warranty, Pure Maintenance UK, LTD will re-treat, free of charge, any portion of the treated building proven not to meet the criteria of the guarantee outlined in the Pure Maintenance UK, LTD terms and conditions in effect on the original treatment date. Any warranty treatment must be performed by an authorized Pure Maintenance UK, LTD technician.

All expenses associated with a re-treatment of the building as per this warranty shall be assumed by Pure Maintenance UK, LTD, except for the following expenses, which shall be assumed by the buyer or successor warranty holder:

  1. Any future air quality testing, mould surface sampling or add-on services outside of the scope of the original contract. Customers will be entitled, under warranty, to a discounted price on all testing while under warranty. The basic testing package (1 indoor location and 1 outdoor control sample) will be discounted to £100, and any additional non-viable cassettes will cost £25/cassette.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not apply to any treatment costs or services for the following:

  1. A situation where elevated spore counts or presence of toxigenic mould is directly related to a new water intrusion issue.
  2. A situation where a water intrusion issue was not fixed prior to mould remediation treatment
  3. Preventative treatment requested by the Buyer or successor warranty holder not under the scope of the warranty
  4. Duty of care is violated by not maintaining humidity levels to a reasonable standard and following technician recommendations in their initial report. 
  5. Re-treatment at the Buyer Address after the 1-year period.
  6. Any renovations or otherwise material changes to the building that cause a change in indoor climate (humidity levels, temperature). For example, using non-breathable paints or materials in re-decorating.
  7. If any of the treated building surface’s are modified without a re-application of EverPure within 3 weeks of modification (painting, sanding, new materials on top of existing)

Warranty Transference
This warranty may be transferred from the Buyer to a successor warranty holder by means of a property sale, generational gifting, inheritance transfer, and rights of marital survivorship (or other domestic relationship). The warranty only applies to the Buyer address for one year from the original treatment date.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

The buyer or successor warranty holder must notify Pure Maintenance UK, LTD by calling 0333 772 9288 or sending an email to support@puremaintenanceuk.com promptly upon discovery. Pre-payment should be made for an authorized service technician to visit the Buyer Address to conduct a re-inspection of the property and determine if the new issue qualifies for the guarantee. This pre-payment is refunded in the event of a guarantee and treatment will be scheduled in the next available slot.

Notice to Buyer

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary according to jurisdiction. You have the right to bring any action at law or equity to resolve disputes concerning or to enforce the provisions of this warranty.

If the buyer disagrees over performance under the terms of this warranty, the buyer may submit the matter for resolution to Pure Maintenance UK, LTD. The buyer shall be responsible for expenses incurred in submitting a dispute for resolution under the terms of this paragraph. The buyer is required to submit any dispute for resolution under this paragraph before pursuing any legal remedies to which he/she/they may be entitled.